Long Players » whats going on – marvin gaye

whats going on – marvin gaye

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  1. practicalpsychologist on

    I see The Guardian yesterday managed to run a supplement based on the best songs about love ever. They included a couple of bits of Marvin duet fluff and somehow couldn’t find space for ‘Let’s Get It On’ or “Heard it Through The Grapevine’. Arguably the first is about sex (with Marvin having a supply of ‘helpers’ to get him in the mood for vocal recording) but both should have been in.

    However, it was good to see two Chi-Lites tracks included though probably the wrong two. The greatest sweet-soul band ever.

  2. ArkAngel on

    This picture was uploaded to accompany this post: Long Players https://aarkangel.wordpress.com/2008/02/15/long-players/

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