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A cool 120 million views on my final Channel 4 commission


I am appropriating this long-standing blog of mine for my freelance activities and my productions through ArkAngel Productions. Most of my work revolves around creativity, story-telling and related media themes so you can get a good sense from Simple Pleasures Part 4 what I spend most of my time thinking about.

If you want to know about my background and work experience it’s summarised on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/in/adamgeeuk/

There’s more background on Wikipedia at www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam_Gee

And feel free to get in touch via adam at arkangel dot co dot uk

Adam Gee




Frankly I’ve been having a bit of trouble finding a blogging software I like. Hence my arrival at WordPress. I’m raring to go after reading Andrew Motion’s article about writing a biography of his mother in The Guardian the other day. So a quick review of my blogging to date… In the beginning there was Simple Pleasures . This was my first attempt – inspired by the Ian Dury song ‘Reasons to be Cheerful part 3’ and a sermon I heard. It aims to spotlight some of the Simple Pleasures that I feel makes life worth living. Here’s the introduction which explains: “This blog is inspired by a sermon I heard a couple of years ago which quoted a ‘will’ left by a father for his children which was not his ‘money will’ but his ‘wisdom will’ (I can’t remember the exact terminology that was used but you get the idea) – it was his attempt to pass on some of the more useful things he’d learnt in his lifetime about what really matters and about the way people are. I’ve come to the conclusion over my forty-one years so far on the planet that Happiness is to be found primarily in the Simple Pleasures of life so I’ve decided to put some of those pleasures here for Noah and Dylan to read when they’re a bit older and anyone else who cares to. And one day soon Noah and Dylan can start adding their own…” I was not entirely convinced by the Blogigo technology so I moved on.

Then came Simple Pleasures part 2 – my mobile photo blog which I really do enjoy. The pictures capture aspects of my day-to-day life well and the text does much the same as Simple Pleasures (but linked to images).

And on to Blogger – Simple Pleasures part 3 – which contains my Happiness Experiment. Here’s the intro which explains it: “Today I’m starting an experiment prompted by an idea I heard on the radio this morning. The suggestion (from Carol Craig, sister of Una’s friend Marion) is to go to sleep at night thinking of three things that made you happy during the day. I’m going to start off doing it for a month…” Now the experiment is officially over it’s time to start a new direction. (That said, I found the experiment so positive that I’m going to continue doing it back on Blogger.)

So the direction now is to use Simple Pleasures part 4 for regular, short posts on a range of topics related to my work, interests and daily life, as well as as a hub for my other web presences including all the Simple Pleasures plus Flickr and my not entirely finished Be Do Be site. So (as my first ever book said) Here We Go…

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  1. thpbqtiy on

    odbyzqhli ledoojlny ljiwfkdi pwxkvfyac

  2. aarkangel on

    Thanks for those kind words

  3. Siren's Cry on

    I’ve just spent eight and a half years on anti-depressants – and it’s this thinking that has finally released me from them.

    Simple pleasures – accentuating the positive; remembering feelings of elation and then recalling them at low-ebb moments….

    thank you.

  4. ArkAngel on

    I’m glad you enjoyed this, Siren’s Cry, and am pleased to hear you have made a break through. I’m not sure I’d use the word “elation” – I think it’s more about ‘happiness’, ‘satisfaction’, ‘fulfilment’, ‘joy’ – something a little less acute and peaky than elation, and it also has to do with Peace.

  5. LaBelleProvince on

    This is a great blog. Your mind works in delightful ways, picking up objects, turning them over to see all their facets.

  6. ArkAngel on

    Thank you, La Belle, that’s very encouraging to hear your reaction and kind of you to take the trouble – I’m really enjoying this writing but there’s always something of the launching stuff into the void about blogging…

  7. Simon on

    I can remember that Clash gig like it was yesterday. Definitely one of the best gigs ever. We ended up right near the front. We sat with 2 of Stiff Little Fingers on the tube to the gig – or maybe that was another time. I went to the Palais a few times one way or another. My eldest (now 19) and her mates are into all that kind of music so I bore them to death with tales of the Clash, Banshees, Undertones, Buzzcocks etc.

    Anyway, I’m working for the clampdown now as a cconsultant. Still listening to the music though.

    Simon H

  8. avoidbibomedialiketheplague on

    Have a nice day !

  9. practical psychologist on

    The original idea for the three happy events before you sleep comes from Martin Seligman’s book ‘Authentic Happiness’. It is an excellent book – particularly good is the piece on finding your signature strengths. The good things that make you what you are. I recommend going to MS’s website ‘authentichappiness.com’ where there is a very good and psychologically sound questionnaire that you can do for free. By doing the questionnaire you also contribute to the well of research being conducted by Penn State University and MS on the subject of what makes us happy.

    There is a lot of moderate material around on the subject (to which I must confess I have made some contribution) but Martin Seligman does stand out.

    After you have read ‘Authentic Happiness’ I also recommend his book ‘Learned Optimism’

  10. ArkAngel on

    Thanks for the recommendations, PP – will report back once I’ve read the first of them. I have come across Seligman online but not really drilled down at all yet.

  11. Siren's Cry on

    Just further to my previous comment in November – and yes, I agree, it’s not just elation, but smaller positives, too – however, I was, in particular, thinking about the many gigs that I had been to earlier in the year, with some now close friends.

    I was therefor incredulous when, whilst reading through another part of your site, that you mentioned Chris Cawte… G2, amongst others, have been instrumental (!) in provding the feelings of elation that are aiding recovery, however tepid that recovery may, at times, be.

    Small world, indeed.

    I too have come across Seligman, but not delved further, perhaps I will.

  12. ArkAngel on

    Wow, that is weird. Do you know Chris from watching the band or otherwise too?

  13. vatslav on

    hi! nice site!

  14. Michael Tim on

    I love your site!

  15. Thomas on

    Hello you look nice and I have picked a peculiar intrest from you.

    Thomas from Uganda.

  16. padraigoconnor on

    Love Ian Dury. Expect a Song of the Week soon. Maybe about the song Sweet Gene Vincent.

  17. ArkAngel on

    That would be an interesting one to focus on. As a mark of how time moves on, I now have a son that hangs out with one of Ian Dury’s sons, a son the same age as when I first heard Reasons to be Cheerful part 3

  18. joppeez on

    Hi Adam, I just wanna ask for some help.

    Just a few days ago I found my old copy of MindGym. I tried to install and run it, unfortunately it failed miserably. I am running Win7 64 bit

    I did a bit of searching and that’s how I found this blog.

    I was just wondering if you have a compatible version, or if you know any other way to run the game.

    I would really like to play through it one more time. Thank you.

  19. ArkAngel on

    I’m afraid there was only the one version ever made and i don’t know how else to run the game now. It’s a shame because it would stand up well even now and would suit being made into an online version. I’m glad you seem to have as fond memories of it as I do and am sorry I can’t help you reaccess it.

  20. theluckhabit on

    Arkangel – re:mindgym. Wasn’t there someone on one of your previous blogs who managed to get it going on something other than Windows95?

    • joppeez on

      that’s great. could you please post any link?

    • ArkAngel on

      Not that I recall I’m afraid!

      • Rob Nutter on

        Hi ArkAngel,

        I have a project which involves recreating the scenary in MindGym, but am unsure if I would be allowed to post my renders onto my own site (with attribution, of course). I was wondering if you knew where I stand with this?

        Thanks to bringing such an awesome game to the world by the way! Such memories there…


      • ArkAngel on

        Thanks, Rob – would you please email at adam at arkangel dot co dot uk to have this conversation – look forward to hearing from you

  21. joppeez on


    I’ll try installing Win 95 and see how it works out.

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  25. in california on

    We stumbled over here by a different website and thought I might check things out.
    I like what I see so now i am following you. Look forward to checking out your web page

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