One of my sons made this map the other day (with Photoshop and patience) and said I should put it on my blog as ‘it would help get extra visitors’ since there are hardly any maps of the NFL teams on the web and the few that are to be found are not much good. Having attended an interesting session at Mint Digital the other evening with SEO specialist Will Critchlow of Distilled, it was interesting to see what a strong sense of SEO said son has developed himself just from his usage of the web. With the Superbowl kicking off as I write now seems as good a time as any to publish the gift and try out his experiment.

His interest in NFL came about through playing the game Madden (10 and 11) which happily has translated itself into the real world – we’ve just got back from a weekend in Ireland where he, his brother and their cousin have been running around the lanes of my wife’s village launching an American football at one another. Interactive media is never better than when it translates into real world action. At the airport leaving on Friday I found out that the EU Fisheries Minister, Maria Damanaki, has pledged to end the horrendous and wasteful practice of fish discarding highlighted in Channel 4’s recent Big Fish Fight campaign, in particular on

Update 23.i.12: It’s a year on and my son’s team, the New England Patriots, just made it to the Superbowl last night. He’s delighted people have picked up on his map (like Boltbeat) and is currently working on a follow-up for college teams. As a lover of New York, my second favourite city after my native London, I’ll be donning my Giants cap.

Map of American Football teams


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  1. Ben Huntington on

    Thank you for making this map! I’m less than a novice at NFL info and I’m trying to learn. This provides a great perspective on location! The next thing is to include conference labeling in a side legend. Looks great

  2. David Ellis on

    I starting going on guys weekends to see NFL games this season, this past season we drove from Hamilton Ontario Canada, to Nashville Tennessee to see the Broncos @ Titans game. On the 18 hour trip home we starting discussing next seasons trip, and want to do a 3 in 2 trip. 3 games in 2 days, a 1 o’clock then SNF & MNF, and this map will REALLY help with planning, thank you to your son for making it and you for posting it.

  3. ArkAngel on

    Wow, he’s going to be thrilled it’s being put to such practical use! Thanks for letting us know and tell us how you get on.

    • David Ellis on

      Sure thing man. It is currently pinned up in my room, I have checked some potential games as the NFL has released home/away opponents for each team, but still has not released the schedule. I will definitely keep you posted though. Your map is a fundamental tool in our planning process, thanks again.

  4. ChargerGirl Cindi on

    I love your map. Especially the use of color. I would like to use it (I will mention your blog) in my NFL 101 segment today. Look for it on If you do not like how it is represented please shoot me a message and I will happily remove it. πŸ™‚

  5. ArkAngel on

    My son (who made the map) is delighted you’ve found a good use for it.

  6. Donna C. Terrell on

    Wow, this is really cool! Good job! GO BEARS!!!

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    • catalanbrian on

      The above posting is clearly code for something. I think that we should all be told!

    • jose gonzalez on

      This makes no sense…

  8. ArkAngel on

    @catalanbrian how’s that – is the message clearer now? do you reckon a rendez-vous is on the cards?

  9. […] Map of American Football teams | source : […]

  10. Dennis Moss on

    Hi Guys, would it be possible to buy a poster size version of this map?

  11. ArkAngel on

    What size would you like, Dennis? I’ll get you a price. Glad you like it.

  12. Dennis Moss on

    What sizes can you offer? Im thinking poster size to put on my wall.
    Many thanks.

  13. ArkAngel on

    I’ll get you some options

    • Dennis Moss on

      Many thanks. Regards Dennis

  14. Will on

    Such a good map for someone from the UK and struggles to know the geography of America let alone all the teams. Many thanks!!

    • Noah Gee on

      I’m glad that you found it helpful and happy that I made it

  15. A. Thornton on

    Map still helpful! Thank you.

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