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A piece from the Guardian today by Jemima Kiss:

jemima kiss

Inside some of Channel 4’s new media projects

Channel 4’s latest cross-platform project rolled out quietly this week. Picture This uses the talent show format to follow a group of digital photographers with Magnum’s Martin Parr, Alex Proud of Proud Galleries and Brett Rogers of the Photographers’ Gallery as judges.


The common theme with all of these is that they are thought of as “living projects”, pushed into the world by Channel 4 but then taking on a life of their own. For as long as new media departments are given the space to create those kind of projects without too much over-analysis of the market or preoccupation with a fixed end result, we might just end up learning something.


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  1. zeroinfluencer on

    Brilliant work Adam. It’s where cigarette smoking advertising meets education – “subversive education media”.

  2. ArkAngel on

    Thanks, Zero. There’s a very good essay on smoking and education by the Canadian writer/humourist Stephen Leacock in which he marvels at how Oxbridge education worked way back when – he could detect no great teaching abilities in the dons and yet significant learning in the students and put it down to some kind of mysterious transfer through tobacco smoke.

  3. zeroinfluencer on

    LOL. Peer systems never fail!

  4. fashion on

    Nice article.

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