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New World Order – Day One


I’d pictured Monday 2nd September 2013 in my head for the last four months or so. 9 to 5 at the screen tapping away at Chapter 1. Needless to say that’s not what happened.

Began the day in Southwark, home of The Bard, meeting writer/performer/futurologist Mark Stevenson, author of An Optimist’s Tour of the Future, to talk both about my book (working title When Sparks Fly) and Education policy & practice (the need to reboot) which is a future project.

The tube journey was used to read some more of The Tastemakers by Rosie Millard, arts journalist/former BBC Arts correspondent, who has given me some really helpful advice on Sparks.

The rest of the day was used to consolidate the notes I’ve been putting together over the last few months since making The Decision, comprising thoughts and suggestions from a range of friends and colleagues from novelist  Jill Dawson to Film4 boss Tessa Ross. People have been brilliantly open and generous which is as it should be since that is the main theme of the book.

To mark the occasion I bought a copy of Hot Rats, Frank Zappa’s 1969 LP, which was recommended to me by Peter Aspden, arts correspondent  of the FT, when we were introduced recently and bounced a few ideas around.

I have tomorrow’s activity all planned in my head – let’s see if it works out that way…


Here’s what WordPress threw up as I posted this instalment [see yesterday’s post for explanation]:

If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it.

Tennessee Williams

Old Tennessee was my late sister-in-law Bronagh’s favourite writer (alongside Seamus Heaney) and she left me his collected plays in her will.

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