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4 stories from Songlines

Shane MacGowan

Songs move from generation to generation like lighting fagbutt with fagbutt

Songlines is a project I’ve been doing for some years recording the answer to the question “What song or piece of music means the most to you and why?” from all kinds of people. I feel a new burst of recordings coming on so now’s a good time to gather a few of the already published ones…

MC Hammer – Hammertime (the recording only)

The Blues (the recording)

Dayenu (trad.) (the recording)

The Pogues – Rain Street (the recording)

Songlines #1 – Hammertime

For over a decade I’ve been collecting answers (in audio form) to this question:

  • What song means the most to you and why?

I’ve asked people from 8 to 80, using my crapped up old tape recorder with masking tape holding in the batteries in the absence of the battery compartment cover which fell off years ago. Well this week I finally went digital. I bought an Olympus WS-100 voice recorder on the recommendation of Amanda Gore, who is doing a project with me for Ofcom and uses the self-same machine to record meetings. Then I downloaded Switch Mac to convert the WMAs to MP3s at the suggestion of my C4 colleague Mark Sheldon. And Bob’s your uncle…

#1 is 8 year old Charlie. His choice of song is U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer.

Big trousers of MC Hammer

Big trousers of MC Hammer

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