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The NHS and Computers

NHS + Computers = Bad for your well-being

The fruits of 45 minutes (so far) trying to register for online Repeat Prescription Facility…

Frankly a scandal – how much public money did they pay for this shit?

This site was made by Egton Medical Information Systems Limited in Leeds.

Postscript: Trying to feedback to Egton

The crowning glory – hitting the Submit button on the Contact form of this Medical Information Systems (ha) outfit to feedback this crappy experience repeatedly gave rise to…

The Submit button alone for the Contact form tells you all you need to know about this kind of technology company (stuff made by programmers with little sense of UX)…

along with the typos littering the site and the way they handle Customer Service…

Update 14.i.10:

Here’s how the NHS does formatted emails… (just arrived from the NHS Institute – whatever that is)

NHS email

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