Songlines #12: Call to Prayer / Adhan


The Question:

What piece of music means the most to you?

Farrah Jarral, dedicated GP and star of Osama Loves on Channel 4, comes up with a left-field choice (similar in some ways to Songlines #2) –  a religious song chosen by a not particularly religious person.

The Song: the Muslim call to prayer, the Adhan



And here’s the song in question:



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  1. Elusive Trope on

    We shouldn’t find controversial or upsetting any person’s particular call to prayer. As one who believes the One manifests through the multitude of human expressions, this is no different than a Buddhist monk call to prayer.

    The only question has ask one’s self, one’s soul, is this a God (or whatever name one wants to use) of compassion or hatred. Recent events only shows once again, the hatred, unfortunately, knows no bounds, no lines of faith and manifests itself through every faith, as does, fortunately, the flow of compassion.

    Thank you for the video. As many times I have heard the Muslim Call to Prayer, I have never know the meaning of the words. It does make it more beautiful. The words that struck me most was “Hasten to real success”. Again, this turns upon the individual: what is the meaning of success? To live a good and decent life? to have the most money in a bank account? and so on and so on.

  2. ArkAngel on

    Glad you enjoyed the videos and found some illumination in them. Your reflections are very interesting. What is the song or piece of music that means the most to you? and why?

  3. catalanbrian on

    I love the call to prayer. One of the joys of visiting the Islamic world was to hear this at regular intervals during the day – and this sound just put the icing on the “foreignness” of the place for me. Fortunately my employer then moved to Whitechapel, so that I could hear this from my London office – oh joy!

  4. ArkAngel on

    I always wish they’d cut out the crappy speaker systems and just sing it au naturel, human voice alone

    • catalanbrian on

      I agree. The best places I have heard it were both not amplified. Old town Mombasa, where I could her it from my bed in the Mombasa Club and Stone Town Zanzibar, heard again from my bed, but this time in the Zanzibar Hotel..

  5. […] Songlines #12: Call to Prayer / Adhan […]

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