How to become an Islamist Terrorist in 7 easy steps

72 virgins islam

  1. Create the Other – I am one group and everyone else is different
  2. Homogenise them – everyone else is the same as each other
  3. Push the Oppression narrative – we are being oppressed
  4. Accuse them of Collective Guilt – everyone else is complicit in oppressing us
  5. Push Supremicism – we’re better than them
  6. Argue Self-defence – we need to defend ourselves
  7. Do Violence – attack is the best form of defence

5 comments so far

  1. dramonovich on

    #8. Blame all for a perceived slight over a thousand years ago. (sadly)

    • ArkAngel on

      What’s the perceived slight?

      • dramonovich on

        A murder that occurred centuries ago.

  2. catalanbrian on

    Thank you for that. I will abuse your copyright and use it.

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