Cutting the Light Elastic (Day 66)

The free-flowing form of writing I’ve mentioned over the last couple of days – park up all the research, have a broad sense of structure, rely on what surfaces in your memory, dive in – is a bit like a thick elastic rope attached to your back: you can run for a while and make good progress but at some point it starts to pull you back. At that point you have to cut it and shift to a different approach. The systematic form of writing – work systematically through your research notes and weave them carefully into your text. That’s the switch I did on Day 66 working on the Music chapter. And it really helped free me up from the stickiness of Day 65, the end of my elastic dash, when I started to struggle to marshall the material and uncover the route forward. I got back momentum and enjoyed not having to think quite so hard.

elastic rope back run

Rewarded the endeavours with a trip to The Phoenix to see the excellent The Way Way Back.

Rounded off a light day with more Sylvia Beach research for the prospective Publishing chapter.

another bouncy performance from Sam Rockwell

another bouncy performance from Sam Rockwell

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