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Cutting the Light Elastic (Day 66)

The free-flowing form of writing I’ve mentioned over the last couple of days – park up all the research, have a broad sense of structure, rely on what surfaces in your memory, dive in – is a bit like a thick elastic rope attached to your back: you can run for a while and make good progress but at some point it starts to pull you back. At that point you have to cut it and shift to a different approach. The systematic form of writing – work systematically through your research notes and weave them carefully into your text. That’s the switch I did on Day 66 working on the Music chapter. And it really helped free me up from the stickiness of Day 65, the end of my elastic dash, when I started to struggle to marshall the material and uncover the route forward. I got back momentum and enjoyed not having to think quite so hard.

elastic rope back run

Rewarded the endeavours with a trip to The Phoenix to see the excellent The Way Way Back.

Rounded off a light day with more Sylvia Beach research for the prospective Publishing chapter.

another bouncy performance from Sam Rockwell

another bouncy performance from Sam Rockwell

To the Big Dance in the sky

-junior-murvin police and thieves detail

Had a lovely Box and Backgammon session with my Best Man, Stuart, this evening. Opened proceedings with a non-Box record in the shape of The Clash’s first LP to mark the passing of Junior Murvin with the obvious but no less wonderful Police and Thieves. He wasn’t so keen on The Clash’s amphetamine cover but I am, and I wasn’t sure I could dig out the original single from my somewhat chaotic singles collection, bits of alphabetical order but not in sequence. As it was it turned out to be with some M records, after drawing a blank among the Js. Sweet voice, lovely swing to the tune.

One of my proudest moments as a father was when Enfant Terrible No. 1, aged three, accompanied me to the hairdresser as was his wont. Police & Thieves came on the sound system and after just three notes I asked: What’s that? Quick as a flash he answered: Police & Thieves. The staff couldn’t believe it. But he had had his first birthday mix tape that year and the songs were all about things he was interested in like Cowboys, Indians, Cops & Robbers.

I once wrote an art review for a paper Stuart and I worked on entitled From Genesis to Revelations – can’t remember what the theme or exhibition was any more but the title came straight from this song and was perfect in the context.

From Genesis to Revelations,
What the next generation will be, hear me

Lee Perry produced Junior Murvin’s signature track. I played a track by The Orb with Scratch on it this evening from The Box (courtesy of my friend Sarah Haque of Urban Species) – I’d played an EP just before which was at 33 RPM and forgot to change back to 45 …but the track sounded great (including Perry’s voice) which just goes to show how magical music is and I hope Junior is having a magical time at the Big Dance.

junior-murvin- singer reggae

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