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The Naked Truth (Day 52)

Oscillated in and out of CPH:DOX / SWIM multiplatform documentary conference, using the gaps between meetings to push on with Ginsberg. Set up camp in the park opposite the Danish Film Institute to tap away in the low autumnal sun.

Rosenborg Palace Garden

My office in Rosenborg Palace Garden

At a gathering of documentary-makers in the evening had a chat with mild-mannered Tom Perlmutter, chairman of the National Film Board of Canada, who met Ginsberg in the late 60s when he (Tom) was 21. He went to interview him at a Montreal hotel and when the door was opened to him Ginsberg was standing there stark naked like Dean opening the door to Sal and Carlo (who of course equates to Ginsberg) in On The Road, only chubbier. He carried on in similar state throughout the interview, with Tom trying to act as matter of fact as possible. I’d dropped some material about Ginsberg’s penchant for getting his kit off but this anecdote prompted me to do a Uy and put it in as it’s a good physical expression of Ginsberg’s striving for openness and honesty.

allen ginsberg naked

The naked truth is always better than the best dressed lie.
Ann Landers

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