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Rainy Day Man #10 & 27 (Day 42)

halloween monkey

Rainy all day. Making staying in to write quite a cosy prospect. Began by reviewing all the interviews recorded to date on my trusty new Livescribe Echo pen. Moved on to updating my notes on Evernote. Organising information and controlling versions is quite a big part of this game, you really do need to get your shit together on the admin front.

In the afternoon I had a stab at part of the intro – looking at what to call the kind of people I’m writing about. Not sure how well it works but got it down in the spirit of Don’t Get It Right, Get It Written.

Concluded the afternoon with a phone catch-up with another Phillip, this one with two Ls, Phillip Hodson, psychotherapist, who recently appeared in Channel 4’s Sex Box series. We worked together years ago on a programme called Conflict!, a semi-improvised drama in Mike Leigh style, with a cast including Michael Simkins and Beverly Hills. We were aiming for tea in Hampstead but it never quite worked out, which is probably just as well or I’d have got little done. It was good both to describe the project afresh and to chat about its context in terms of my career – a decade at C4 and 27 years working without a break.

And as a result, nice to be home to see Enfant Terrible No.2’s halloween gang assemble and send them off into the night…

Ready for the Heist

Ready for the Heist

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