Bright Light (Day 23)

Joe Papp

The more I learn about Joe Papp and the Public Theatre the more interesting the comparison with Joan Littlewood and the Theatre Workshop looks. It will be interesting to have a couple of dual case studies like this for variety though it ups the workload/research significantly. The Art chapter could go down a similar route. That was the focus of the morning’s activity.

Lunchtime was a very extended affair in the style of old school journalism. I met up with a local, Martin Bright, formerly of The New Statesman and The Observer, now running an ambitious social enterprise called Creative Society (set up under the banner New Deal of the Mind, indicating its historic roots in the job creation of the Depression – it creates jobs for the disadvantaged young mainly in the creative industries). He was just back from being interviewed by Vanessa Feltz on London Radio about the Ralph Miliband affair.

I brought Martin up to speed on my writing activities and he made some excellent suggestions for Journalism related people and set-ups. It was fascinating how much what he is doing and what I am writing about overlap or interconnect.

On my return from Maurizio’s cafe I got a bit caught up with a tangent into the colourful world of Charles Bukowski before knuckling back down to a last burst of writing for the week (about Paul Arden). I also began setting up my Advertising interviews.  I went beyond my 5pm deadline and was left wanting to carry on but having to return to domestics, which is a good position to conclude the week. I regularly get to the weekend now disappointed the week is already ending rather than relieved the weekend is upon us.

Though this is a very exciting weekend for me as it sees the coming to light of Was It Something I Said with David Mitchell, Richard Ayoade and Micky Flanagan, a project that has been the best part of two years in the making, in the journey from Quotables, from digital to TV. It’s on at 10pm on Sunday on C4 straight after Homeland, good slot I think. It’s a comedy panel show about stuff people have said and written.

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