Reveries of a Solitary Walker (Day 21)


Walking and thinking definitely go together well. I’ve always wanted my own personal cloisters – alongside a powder blue Mark 2 Jag, they (or is it an “it”)? are my main ‘If I were a rich man…’ fantasy. This morning I figured out, walking down to the Phoenix Cinema, where to go from the opening paragraph of the Paul Arden chapter I wrote a couple of nights ago to get into the meat of it. When I got back I put the plan into action and got momentum up which I can pick up from tomorrow. By the end of the week I should have broken the back of the Advertising chapter, ready to weave in some interview material.

A famous walker-thinker was Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the Swiss (or was he technically French?) philosopher who lived in Chambery where I went to university for a year (Universite de Savoie). He wrote Reveries of a Solitary Walker   between 1776 and 1778 which had Walks instead of Chapters. The walk out to his house, Les Charmettes, on the outskirts of Chambery has assumed semi-mythic status in my memory after all these years.

As a reward for the writing I treated myself to some film research – a documentary about Joe Papp and the Public Theatre in New York, lent to me by Jan Younghusband of BBC Music and Arts, to see if he’d make a good pairing with Joan Littlewood for the Theatre chapter – both poor working class roots, both radical socialist, only seven years between them in age – it could work… I’ll finish watching in the morning and make a decision.

les charmettes

Les Charmettes

Fantasy No. 1

Fantasy No. 1

Fantasy No. 2

Fantasy No. 2


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