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Suits You, Sir (Day 17)

After a bruising day yesterday I felt less keen to don my Writing Suit this morning. So I started the day in the sunny corner of the garden doing a meditation. I learnt a way of meditating through Headspace by chance via a Channel 4 encounter. Christian O’Connell swears by it. And it works for me too, Got me on a bit more of an even keel – should start more of my writing days like this rather than heading straight for the computer.

Refreshed I donned this Writing Suit – half Michael Franti / half London 2012.

writing suit

I repaired to the outdoor office with my trusty furry Research Assistant and a pile of books. Finished off a Beatles book, ploughed on with a Beat one and broached a Joan Littlewood. Chased a research call at ArtAngel and a university link-up in Northern Ireland. And then a note came in from my unpromising poet interviewee from yesterday which had some really useful material in it. In other words, things were looking up.

I wrote a possible ending for Chapter 1 as well, inspired by the reading. Tomorrow I’ll treat myself to a change of scene by focusing half on Theatre/Littlewood and half on Advertising/Arden. Oh yes, a colleague of Paul Arden’s also got in touch today through Facebook and gave a hook to hang that chapter on – namely Arden’s belief that once you have an idea and bring it into the world, it’s no longer simply yours…


Today’s words of wisdom from WordPress (which brings up random quotes as you publish the post):

The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.

Gustave Flaubert

‘Discovery’ is bang on – Stella Duffy shared much the same in her own words yesterday

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