Out of Office (Day 15)

Began the day revisiting the last stuff I wrote yesterday afternoon which I wasn’t as pleased with as previous writing. It wasn’t actually too bad but was certainly improved by a bit of revision and polishing. The second pass editing (i.e. at the end of the complete first draft i.e. yonks away) will be critical in taking the whole thing up a gear.

Next I started setting up my first interview. That’s going to be a vital layer of the text. I’ve been putting it off a bit as I’m not 100% sure how best to record and process interviews live and over the phone. Jemima Kiss of The Guardian recommended a bit of gear called Live Scribe so I took her advice and indulged in some Amazon. It should arrive on Thursday. I saw it in action a couple of years ago when being interviewed by some academics from the London College of Printing/University of the Arts – difficult to make a judgement without seeing the uploading stage. I’ll report back in due course on how I find it as a tool.

My desk

My desk

Since my next task was to process/work laboriously through some other Beat research notes (last lot) I opened a new office on a rug in the garden. At this point my working attire didn’t even involve a second piece aka a top. I broke up the slog with some more Beatles research which is always light relief.

Clocked out at 5pm for a jog in the last gasp of autumn sunshine – tough life.

My research assistant

My research assistant

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  1. […] repaired to the outdoor office with my trusty furry Research Assistant and a pile of books. Finished off a Beatles book, ploughed on with a Beat one and broached a Joan […]

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