How To Write a Novel #3*

Insightful thoughts on the creative writing process

Not Writing But Blogging

(esp for theatre types)

Ever since I was working on my first book, 20 years ago (next year is the 20th anniversary of Serpent’s Tail’s publication of Calendar Girl), theatre-making friends have said :
“I’d like to write a book.”
“I have a book I want to write.”
“I really want to write a book.”
“I could do that.” (Oh yes, they have.)

And, usually, they haven’t.

Yesterday I was emailing with a highly-respected director and improviser/improv-teacher. We were emailing about a project of his and he expressed concern that he’d not written a book before so he didn’t know how to do it.
Concern is fine. It’s normal, and right and proper when embarking on a big brand new thing. It’s far more useful than arrogance and certainty that it’s all going to be easy and you know exactly what you’re doing because you’re so brilliant and always…

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