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Have laptop will travel (Day 12)

Richard and Adam Johnson

Johnson & Johnson

I decided to have a change of scene today so that my 9 to 5 doesn’t become too much of a routine and stays fun. Have laptop will travel. So I started the day at a breakfast event put on by an agent (nothing directly to do with the book, a Channel 4 work thing, though I was hoping to catch up with Konnie Huq to ask her about Tony Wilson whose path she crossed earlier on in her career but she wasn’t at this gathering, we chatted at the last one back in March).

This time out I got to talk with ITV’s charming Kate Garraway (it’s not going to be a dull first conversation when the verb “lactating” features early on); inventor Tom Lawton demoed for me the 360 degree video camera lens he’s invented for smartphones (he’s soon to feature with his six-year old son in the Channel 4 series Tom & Barney Go Back to the Future) and I caught up with Dr Ellie Cannon to compare notes about our forthcoming show Health Freaks launching on 14th October). Arlene Phillips, Andrew Lamberty (one of the original room occupants from Channel 4’s entertaining Four Rooms), Denise van Outen, Amanda Byram and the like were also in the melee. I had a chat with the dapper Richard and Adam Johnson who are busy recording their album of Christmas songs in the depths of Surrey, nice lads and they didn’t mind my Johnson & Johnson gag.

Shakey Restored

Shakey Restored

On departure from The Ivy Club I headed over to Leicester Square for some al fresco reading in front of the newly restored statue of Shakey, no better place for some writing inspiration. I was reading about Robert McAlmon who I’m considering for a case study centred on Publishing. He was in the inner circle of the Lost Generation in 1920s Paris and has links via William Carlos Williams and Louis Ginsberg (pere) with Allen Ginsberg, subject of my first case study, the Literature one, which might make for an interesting web of connections. Connections is a key theme in the book, being central to creativity.

So tranquil it can be too much for the weaker ones

So tranquil it can be too much for the weaker ones

From there just a matter of yards to the house where Newton played host to Wren, Swift and Halley by the then Leicester Fields. It is now (and has been for some time) the Westminster Central Reference Library, a lovely tranquil and bookish place to work. I got a good couple of hours’ writing in, mainly about Ginsberg’s friendliness and desire to connect.

I rounded off the day in St Martin’s Lane meeting Ruth MacKenzie, the indefatigable woman behind last year’s Cultural Olympiad for London 2012. She had some really good suggestions from her extensive network in and knowledge of European arts which she generously shared over a fresh mint tea.

I’m now writing this in the gloaming in Dollis Valley, North London, where the trees are getting into full autumn mode and the soundtrack is the twitter of the genuinely interesting variety. There’s little more satisfying than getting the MacBook Air into the fresh air.


WordPress is telling me today is my 7th anniversary with the service – how time flies… 49 dog years, 98 internet years

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