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Heads Down No Nonsense Mindless Boogie (Day 11)

the beatles rooftop performance

Well, that worked out OK. I came back to the bit that was giving me the headache last night and navigated my way through, weaving my way back to the backbone of the story. Very much a matter of heads down, plough on, get through the work. I haven’t read back what I’ve written so far and plan to have a read through with my Mrs before the end of the week just to see if the stories are good and captivating.

I’ve focused on a narrative layer, as well structured as I can make it in the flow of writing, with little analysis or theory. That will be added as a subsequent layer and then the whole thing will need tidying up and probably editing down. Today I broke the back of the section on The Beatles’ business affairs as well as the sequence looking at how Ginsberg ran his foundation. Tomorrow will be about integrating a miscellany of Ginsberg stories and observations.

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