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Russian Doll (Day 10)

Wrangling Cats

One of the things that makes this writing lark so challenging is having to carry so much in your head while trying to marshall a web of interconnecting thoughts. Today’s writing, which follows up yesterday’s Southern Rail induced train of thought, has left me with some satisfaction and a headache as I tried to write the section comparing Allen Ginsberg’s foundation with The Beatles Apple corporation. I decided, contrary to the original plan, to intercut the two visions for investment in creativity. That wasn’t too complicated. But then side stories grew from this as I tried to fill in some detail around the beneficiaries of funding. Which in turn connected themselves to other parts of Ginsberg’s story from other periods. So I come away from the day feeling like a man who has been wrangling the proverbial cats. I’m just hoping I can get back into the flow tomorrow with a reasonable sense of where I’m going and where I’m trying to get back to.


Train of Thought (Day 9)


It wasn’t looking too good. I had to start the day writing a script for a Channel 4 project because it fell between the stools of the TV indie and the digital indie, neither felt comfortable doing it so I had to get hands-on. Then my mum dropped by as it was our wedding anniversary as well as one of the Enfant Terribles birthday, so she came bearing cards. Next my brother shows up for similar reasons. At which point I have to leave for Brighton to do a little turn at Culture24’s Let’s Get Real conference on arts and digital, something I committed to before knowing I’d be on sabbatical. So far, so no work done.

I get on the train to Brighton. Hedge my bets a bit by broaching some more research – focusing on The Beatle’s Apple corporation through Denis O’Dell’s memoir, At the Apple’s Core. Then brace myself and dive in. Back in to Chapter One, integrating the last batch of notes that went in, ploughing through paragraph by paragraph and getting up some sort of flow.

A brief interlude in Brighton where I nabbed a Farley’s Rusks Shakeaway; bought an illustrated, beautifully bound Folio edition of Blake’s Songs of Innocence and of Experience (from the aforementioned Brighton Books – they still had a 1968 first American edition of Jane Fletcher’s book on Ginsberg left over from my last visit in the summer); had a brief chat with my pal Anthony (Lilley) of Magic Lantern;  did the gig at The Dome Studio; and headed for home.

The choo choo rhythm was just as conducive to writing on the way back so all-in-all it ended as a satisfying day.

(photo courtesy of Bob Orsillo


Today’s wisdom from the posting mechanism of WordPress to prove it’s not just me that feels the daunt:

“The scariest moment is always just before you start.”
Stephen King

I don’t think he only meant writing the very first words – he may well also mean each time you come back to it

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