Clothes Make The Man (Day 2)

Writing Suit Adam Gee

The great thing about writing from home is that you can wear anything. Nobody knows. This is my today’s Writing Suit.

It took me all day to go through the rest of my notes – I hadn’t realised how much I’ve pulled together over the last couple of months. Today’s contributions ranged from ideas bouncing with Rory Sutherland of Ogilvy to advice from documentary/international cinema specialist Mark Cousins.

With both of the Enfants Terribles at home still, plus my Mrs hyped up arranging a party this weekend, writing conditions were less than ideal. Some Miles (my trusty Kind of Blue plus Someday My Prince Will Come) helped bring some tranquility to the post-lunch session. Then a blast of the official soundtrack: Hot Rats.

I rounded off the afternoon with a phone chat with Gordon Kennedy of Absolutely Productions (aka Little John) who helped put me on the right track for my Comedy case study with some thoughtful analysis of what makes the performance, writing and production of Comedy generous or otherwise.

I’d meant to have a stab at my structure document as well today but working through the notes proved time-consuming. Oh, and I bought loads of stuff on Amazon. Research material …honest.

4 comments so far

  1. catalanbrian on

    I am doubly impressed by your choice of official soundtrack!

    • ArkAngel on

      By the time The Gumbo Variations gets into its stride I’m flying (great drumming on that track)

  2. […] other Beat research notes (last lot) I opened a new office on a rug in the garden. At this point my working attire didn’t even involve a second piece aka a top. I broke up the slog with some more Beatles […]

  3. […] a bruising day yesterday I felt less keen to don my Writing Suit this morning. So I started the day in the sunny corner of the garden doing a meditation. I learnt a […]

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