Forget Everything You Thought You Knew About The Paralympics

This 90 seconds of video is one of the best things that’s been made since I started at Channel 4 nine years ago (rivalled only by a dance in DV8’s Cost of Living and perhaps some moments in Jump London). It perfectly captures the spirit of Channel 4 and therefore why I work here.

I couldn’t have been prouder when it premiered last night simultaneously across 76 channels and got reactions like this (via Twitter):

Meet the Superhumans. C4 just made the Paralympics the most inspirational and important event this Summer

What an incredible promo #goosebumps #superhumans

Channel 4 just put down a big marker for best ad of #london2012 there with the #superhumans trail for the Paralympics

Oof. This trailer makes me want to watch the Paralympics much more than the Olympics.

Just seen the Channel 4 Paralympic ad. Great piece of work. Puts the very average BBC “Pixar” trailers to shame.

The Channel 4 Paralympic advert is something special! So much better than BBC!

what an inspirational advert about the paralympic games #Strength #Superhumans !!!

Stunning spot from channel 4 #superhumans. Very welcome to interrupt my viewing anytime…..

Just seen the premiere of the advert for the Paralympics  made me cry. Can’t think of a better word for those inspiring people #superhumans

Just got little bit emotional over Paralympics advert #inspirational

The channel four adverts are making me more excited for the paralympics than the olympics.

Advert for the Paralympics on Channel 4 is better than anything I’ve seen for the Olympics so far Oh  & I love that Public Enemy tune

And the choice of music is inspired – giving the trailer real attitude. Here’s the Public Enemy track Harder Than You Think and here’s where Chuck D and crew got that great brass sample from, close to home – of all places Shirley Bassey’s 1972 vintage Jezahel, so NYC meets …Cardiff.

Attitude is the key to this film and to C4. My favourite shots are the second one of the swimmer under the shower at 0:21 (her face is glowing with attitude) and the other swimmer adjusting her hair at 0:26. The trail was directed by Tom Tagholm of 4Creative.

When Team GB Paralympic team  got a preview of this trailer at a dinner on Saturday night they were delighted that their sport had finally been given the cool treatment and captured their spirit.

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  1. Luiz on

    Loved it. Very well produced. Great work C4.

    Will be there to support them (tickets so much cheaper too!)

  2. Practical Psychologist on

    It’s the tiny details too. For example when the swimmer goes under water the way the music goes ‘under water’ as well. A superb piece of work.

  3. Heather Moore on

    Wonderful advert. Powerful, inspirational, hard-hitting and full of attitude. Brilliant choice of band for the music – also inspirational, full of attitude, hard-hitting and bringing the ‘taboos’ to the fore.

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  5. Brian Thorogood on

    If only I could watch the video clip. For some reason because I live in Spain I am deemed to be not fit to view it!

    • ArkAngel on

      It’s due to music rights but if you Google a bit you’ll find the Meet the Superhumans video/’ad’ on various advertising sites around the world as an example of an outstanding piece of work

  6. Practical Psychologist on

    Brian – I’ve tried to find a link that is not ‘YouTube’ as I have had the same comment from American friends (although a friend in Lebanon can see it). I can’t find one – any ideas Aarkangel?

  7. ArkAngel on

    Check out advertising industry websites showcasing the trailer on their own sites.

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