China links for Philip

The Sexperience 1000

China: Triumph and Turmoil – current Niall Ferguson series

My MoleChecker – first of 3 new Embarrassing Bodies apps

Live from the Clinic – the primetime show which span off of Embarrassing Bodies [see next] – saved the National Health Service over £400,000 to date through innovative video-based symptom checkers

Embarrassing Bodies: Live – a live switchover show, the first to switch from main TV channel to the web instead of a  multichannel digital channel – linked to the main Embarrassing Bodies site which is a hugely popular health site (the main rival and referrer to the official National Health Service site)

My Healthchecker – an aggregation of health self-tests which gather and use data in an engaging way – app version about to be released

The Sexperience 1000 – an attempt to liven up data visualisation and make data playful and entertaining

(linked to Sexperience – a sex education site driven by peer-to-peer learning, focused on experience as opposed to theory or opinion)

The Big Fish Fight  iPhone app – listed in Top 5 Lifestyle apps of 2011 by Apple

The Great British Property Scandal Empty Homes Spotter iPhone app

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