Links for Hanna

Beauty and the Beast: The ugly face of prejudice

The Big Fish Fight – a multiplatform campaign which is changing EU policy and legislation (fisheries) and has improved supermarket policy/practice, backed by nearly 3/4 Million supporters  – includes iPhone app (listed in Top 5 Lifestyle apps of 2011 by Apple)

The Great British Property Scandal – a transmedia campaign to highlight the revitalisation of long-term empty homes as a partial solution to Britain’s housing crisis, with over 100,000 supporters in its first week – includes an Empty Homes Spotter iPhone app – Moral, ethical spiritual and religious questions explored 365 days a year

My Healthchecker – an aggregation of health self-tests which gather and use data in an engaging way

The Sexperience 1000 – an attempt to liven up data visualisation

Embarrassing Bodies: Live – a live switchover show, the first to switch from main TV channel to the web instead of a  multichannel digital channel – linked to the main Embarrassing Bodies site which is a hugely popular health site (the main rival and referrer to the official National Health Service site)

Live from the Clinic – the primetime show which span off of the last item – saved the National Health Service over £400,000 to date through innovative video-based symptom checkers

Sexperience – a sex education site driven by peer-to-peer learning, focused on experience as opposed to theory or opinion

Beauty & the Beast – drove research into facial disfigurement and appearance-related conditions, delivering over 60,000 survey returns to the academic institution spearheading this research in the UK

Model Agency – a video player experiment to realise the value of material on the cutting room floor (for fixed rig shows in particular)

New Year Revolution – helping people make lasting positive change in their life with the help of collective willpower

Landshare – addressing the social issue of long/closed allotment waiting lists/shortage of land for individuals to grow their won food on by providing an infrastructure to connect small pieces of private land (eg back gardens) with voluntary labour with the resultant produce shared between grower and land-owner

Surgery Live – first integration of Twitter and TV on UK TV

Alone In The Wild – release of documentary rushes/dailies in advance of transmission of a primetime documentary series

Quotables – reflecting contemporary culture through quotations, creating an outstanding quotations reference site and collecting utility in the process

Health Freaks Channel 4

NEW LINKS – March 2014

Live from Space – programme broadcast live from the international space station [Sun 16 March, 7:30pm, Channel 4]

Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields – current affairs/investigative documentary app

D-Day As It Happens – history refreshed: follow 7 characters over the 24 hours of D-day via Twitter in their own words with a primetime doc to introduce and conclude on C4

Eggs Live – natural history refreshed: 99% of life starts in an egg – watch eggs hatch live online and on air, from cockroaches to sharks

Health Freaks – converting a pre-recorded show into a live TV event (by inserting a precisely timed live interactive sequence) – the results of the viewers interactions are announced live in the show (whether they have come across a particular health remedy, whether they think it will pass a medical trial)

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