Seven Days feedback

Some Twitter feedback as Channel 4’s Seven Days gets into its stride, indicating that people are detecting what’s different about it:

@caitlinmoran: #sevendays I am genuinely fascinated watching everyone reacting to having been on TV last week. This is a new format, …

susfb Susannah Barton
2nd episode of #sevendays = BRILLIANT, loving the interactive element, it is something that was missing from Big Brother, amazing:)

SaskiaSzo @ClockWorkBart flaw? that is the whole point of the show! for the public 2 interact and influence ppl’s lives! its a new reality! #sevendays

The viewer feedback on last week’s #SevenDays is going to make tonight’s show fascinating. Can the public improve the people??

haze2003purple: It’s really interesting to see people interact with the 7days cast and see how it affects them.

FreshlyBakedCoo: Reeeally pleased with how the interactive part of #sevendays is working out. It could of been such a flop but is actually impacting it a bit.

thehelpmovement The Help Movement
Seven Days is much more interesting now they’ve got some feedback. #sevendays

tomhewitson Tom Hewitson
Ok #sevendays has just stepped it up a notch with this whole meta reacting to fame thing.

emmafreud: #sevendays – genius or what.

vivi_best: @c4sevendays is simply fascinating. the girls being questioned on the show about BEING on the show.. amazing.

BigBobster666: really enjoyed ‘seven days’ tonight loving the concept – Reality TV you can comment on. TV for the facebook generation 😀 #7days

gingio: Susannah’s chat in the back of the van with her friend about Ben proves the power of chatnav and twitter on #sevendays.

eyekiller: Not a fan of the show but Channel 4’s #sevendays ‘Twitter meets TV’ interesting concept

Glad 2 see #sevendays is growing & that people r finally realising how 2 interact with the show! gosh we #British r a slow sceptical bunch!

@bally_singh: Can’t wait till next weeks #sevendays @c4sevendays 😀 Best idea for a show since Big Brother!

Geraint_Jones: Anyone watching #sevendays? Fully interactive where real life and the tv show merge, Interesting how the viewers are shaping the show..

CharleyStardust: I wish I had a #chatnav, it would make life so much more fun.

@enricoNT: #sevendays is amazing. What does everyone think? The future of #crossmedia is here?

And here’s a typical blogpost showing how the target audience are getting it.

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