Embarrassing Bodies Live initial results

From Broadcast today

Embarrassing Bodies live web show draws 42,000

12 February, 2010 | By Robin Parker

Channel 4’s first live interactive web show drew 42,000 viewers this week – putting it almost on a par with UKTV’s Watch.

Embarrassing Bodies Live enjoyed a strong lead-in at 10pm on Wednesday night, with its established non-live counterpart watched by 3.5m viewers in its closing minutes.

At 10pm, 42,000 viewers logged on to the site and C4 new media commissioning editor Adam Gee said there was “very little tail-off”.

In the opening ten minutes, this figure was in line with Watch, which had 44,700 people watching Dalzeil and Pascoe.

Viewers were directed to the website to discuss issues raised with the show’s presenters and upload comments and images relating to their own medical conditions.

C4 and Maverick Television received hundreds of questions and more than 100 images over the course of the interactive show, which ran for 28 minutes.

Every individual question and image that made it onto the live show received hundreds of votes to get it on screen.

The Twitter hashtag #embarrassingbodies was the biggest trending topic in the UK on the nitght.

On the same night, Embarrassing Bodies’ established website received 30,000 visits and 420,000 page views between 9pm and midnight.

The interactive show will be available to view online retrospectively from today. C4 plans two further live spin-offs of the show, to air in April and May.

[Article reproduced courtesy of Broadcast]


6 comments so far

  1. natasha on

    There my names Natasha, i love watching your show. But recently i did get quite annoyed. As you had a lady with rotten teeth on and you gave her a set of new teeth. When you could see that she abused her teeth and admitted to drinking loads of tea with sugar and smokinng. And i dont mean to be rude but there is no way she brushed her teeth for them to be looking like that. Where as i look after my teeth, there in good condition yet im in so much pain with them. I have been to the dentist loads of times yet they cant tell me whats wrong with me. But send me away with different toothpastes all the time. That don’t work, also im very self consious about my teeth as there not 100% straight and get really down about it. I think my teeth may be over croweded and need some taken out. I dont know i need a proper professional opinion. Just really got to me when someone who you can see that did not look after teeth ended up with such bootiful teeth after. Where i look after mine, and am in pain and not happy with appearence, which is really getting me down. I am ever so sorry im dont mean to come across mean, just expressing how i feel. As my teeth do really get me down and cause me so much pain.
    thanks natasha x

  2. ArkAngel on

    Natasha, if you’d like to be on the show to see the Embarrassing Bodies doctors/dentist you can apply here: http://www.channel4embarrassingillnesses.com/features/be-on-embarrassing-bodies/ Hope things work out OK for you

  3. geoff on

    hi, i have small white spots onmy penis which have been their for years they look abit like malia eyes. should i be concerned. thanks

  4. ArkAngel on

    you’re best to ask your question at http://www.channel4.com/bodies

  5. andrea on

    hi my name is andrea and i have the worse case of ibs which cause me to be in severe pain every day for the past 4 years every day mostly when i past stool am so scared of eating because of the pain that follows.its gotton worse over the years which cause me to loose a lot of weight i cant do nothing else so please if u can help me i would be at ease. thanks

  6. ArkAngel on

    Hi Andrea, there is loads of great information on IBS on the Embarrassing Bodies website at http://www.channel4.com/bodies as well as very useful chat among sufferers past and present. You can also apply there to be on the show to see the Embarrassing Bodies doctors. Alternatively contact Embarrassing Bodies Live from the Clinic tonight (Tuesday) or by next Tuesday evening – see http://www.channel4.com/clinic

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