Big Unstoppable

Mark Earls the Herdmeister showed this vid at b.TWEEN 09 in Liverpool the other day (his keynote, which almost got us chucked out the venue for bouncing around, was one of our best decisions on the b.TWEEN Advisory Board this year, a good active, participatory, embarrassing-for-the-English kick off [James Estill, sorry for kneeing you – accident …honest])  – I love rewatching this for insight into human copying and community…

Where, do you reckon, is the tipping point?

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  1. lifeissplendid on

    Clearly the tipping point is the fat kid dancing 🙂

  2. ArkAngel on

    I’d say it’s not so clear cut…

  3. James Estill on

    Good video. I think the tipping point was when the first guy took to the ‘stage’ – immediate engagement by the onlookers. Interaction then follows as the funny tobacco and up-tempo beats work their magic…
    The kneeing incident was, er, incidental – the grasping and looking into your eyes left a more enduring memory!

  4. ArkAngel on

    You must put those memories and notions out of your head – I’m a happily married man and you’re settled yourself – save the eye gazing for your lovely Rebecca. (I was trying to do a Crocodile Dundee wild beast taming on you but I’m clearly a bit rusty.)

  5. practicalpsychologist on

    Can you get them out to Tehran?

  6. ArkAngel on

    Good idea. So where do you reckon the tipping point is?

  7. practicalpsychologist on

    I reckon it’s when the second guy turns round and points at the people on the hill – ‘it’s safe down here!’

    I recommended this to who immediately posted it. I suggested to them also ‘The Wisdom of Crowds’

    Great clip.

  8. Mark on

    Thanks for the props, A.

    Not sure I agree with the Tipping Point suggestions though: which ever individual you choose only turns out to tip the game after the fact – if you’ve been to a festival recently, you’ll surely remember all those kids dancing on their own that no-one joins. “Accidentally” influential is what Duncan Watts of Columbia calls it.

  9. ArkAngel on

    What is there about “accidently influential” we can learn from or use?

  10. practical psychologist on

    Accidental or is there a magic formula?

  11. Mark on

    “Accidental” in that there’s nothing special about whoever it is mostly.

    To Adam’s question: what it means for us is not to worry so much about where to start the propagation (with whom) but to look beyond that to enable “ordinary” folk can see each other getting excited and joining in.

    A matter of emphasis, I guess.

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