The Low Life

In the week we learn that Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary’s proposition to charge people a pound for using the toilet on Ryanair planes is not meant as a joke, sick or otherwise, these new passenger instructions strike a chord…

Ryanair Passenger Memo

Ryanair - The low life airline

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  1. practicalpsychologist on

    As Which! pointed out perhaps passengers will not now be tempted to pay 2.70 for a bottle of water or 3.00 for a cup of brown water given that they will need to spend another pound to relive themselves of it. Could work against them.

    I use Ryanair a lot. Fine if you have no bagagge, book at least one month in advance and don’t eat anything. The same price as all of the others if you do.

  2. ArkAngel on

    My theory is that the Pound to Pee story is just a smoke-screen to divert attention from the fact that O’Lowlife hedged on oil prices and went the wrong way, so this is just covering up a major business balls-up.

  3. practicalpsychologist on

    Ever get the feeling they are going to actually the winning idea?:

  4. ArkAngel on

    They’re so cheap they didn’t even pay for all the letters in their on-line poll:
    “Excess fees for overweigh passengers based on body mass index.”

    You have to pay for T on the Low Life Airline.

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