Paranoia Twitter-style – part 3

Twitter Stalker

Twitter Stalker

OK, things are looking a bit better regarding my paranoia. Following the Russian idiot and the blank generation, it’s now a blonde babe with big tits and a shared interest in film-making who’s after me. And one other – a certain Mr Rick Weiss. As they say, a burden shared is a burden halved. Unless of course he’s working with her…

Is it because I is a fish?

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  1. Anton Raath on

    The bastards have been busy the last few days, creating phony Twitter users and signing up nincompoops like us. And you just know there will be suckers flattered by the attention of these comely young disease vectors. The relevant vigilantes and coders are no doubt addressing the problem, and scheduled programming will proceed anon.

  2. ArkAngel on

    Ah, the wrath of Raath – music to my ears…

  3. […] on from the Russian idiot, the blank generation and the blonde babe with big tits, in the words of Robert the Rose Horse I am beginning to get that old funny feeling – […]

  4. Michael Tim on

    I love your site!

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