Are you Adam Gee?

Mr Gay UK Barnsley heat winner

By way of research for my upcoming project (Codename Sam I Am), I’ve just been watching ‘Are You Dave Gorman?‘ (DVD kindly send to me today by the lovely Dan Lloyd at Avalon Public Relations – Amazon are all out of them, reckless fools) and I can’t really go to bed now without starting to collect together my favourite Adam Gees, the bastards who fight me day after day for Google supremacy and the more retiring ones.

So to get the Adam Gee Collection off to a fruitful start who better than Adam Gee, Mr Gay UK from Barnsley (originally kindly brought to my attention by Mr Robert Marsh of Fremantle Media back in his heady days at C4).

Let’s offset that with a suit, New York attorney Adam M. Gee, a small town lawyer with big city results, specialising in personal injury and medical malpractice (suing against it, that is, not carrying it out).

On the sports front pride of place should probably go to Adam Gee, a shit-hot golfer, the first overseas player since Nick Dougherty in 2001 to win the Lake Macquarie International Amateur Championship. I kid you not.

Irritatingly the owner of seems to be some kind of drugged out hippy who makes clothes. Please don’t visit the site – it will only encourage him and probably cost me my top spot in Google in the process. Do you really want to know about the ‘Alchemy of Energee’? Do you buy the notion that fashion provides protective energee and inspiration leading to growth and well being? Or do you think it just keeps you warm? We’re talking about a character who makes clothes with “the fabric of the universe”. He’s peddling something called a Gee Shirt (doesn’t he realise the T refers to the shape? where’s your other arm going to come out in a G-shirt?) He’s flogging Geens – aargh! Let’s hope we don’t share any.

If you are an Adam Gee or know any good ones, please do add them to my nascent collection.

Photo courtesy of Adam Gee and Mr Gay UK


Well, over a year has elapsed and things are looking up. Project codename Sam I Am was Osama Loves and it turned out well. Almost as satisfying, the freaky has at last begun to sink and is currently sitting at #4 rather than the #2 spot it clung irritatingly to for month after month. Only a couple of the more colourful Adam Gees make Google page 1, the golfer and former Mr Gay UK, the lawyer has been displaced to page 2 reflecting the times as no-one can afford lawyers these days – and, like a good Christmas game of Risk, I’ve now occupied 16 of the top 20 Adam Gee slots, including the top 3. It surprises me that no new Adam Gees have bubbled up like the geoscientist (not to be confused with the gee-o-science I’m currently engaging in) in Adelaide or the rugby league referee. Nonetheless we do seem to be a varied lot, pretty much no overlap, and if you are one (or know one) please do chuck yourself (or them) [via the comments] into the pot, that rich mix jambalaya that is the Adam Gee collection.

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  1. Fashion » Are you Adam Gee? on

    […] Simple Pleasures part 4 wrote an interesting post today on Are you Adam Gee?Here’s a quick excerptDo you buy the notion that fashion provides protective energee and inspiration leading to growth and well being? Or do you think it just keeps you warm?… […]

    • Adam Gee on

      Iam Adam Gee,

      Iam the Adam Gee in the Southern Hemisphere! Iam a geoscientist, Thats sound fancy but really its not.I was born in Sydney Australia, Currently living in Adelaide.

      Iam shit at golf,

      I look shit in Y front jocks

      I wouldnt know how to run a TV station even it were a 24h porn channel.

      • ArkAngel on

        Nice to meet you, Adam Gee. If the truth were told, my geo-science is a bit rusty these days.

        I was supposed to visit Adelaide this January for the international documentary festival but unfortunately couldn’t make it in the end – our paths might have crossed, so near and yet so far…

  2. Louise on

    I’m seeing you in a whole new light and will be looking out for you far and wide. Incidentally, you do appear to have aged somewhat in your first Google image search result.

    I’d also like to take this opportunity to state once again that I am not, in fact, the first test-tube baby.

  3. Greg on

    I couldn’t resist going to

    I really wish I could’ve, I can’t stand hippies, especially with slow websites and ‘tripped out’ mantras

  4. ArkAngel on

    Darn, I knew that would happen 😉

  5. Adam Gee on

    i am Adam Gee!!!

  6. Adam Gee on

    I’m an Adam Gee! A real good one, too.

  7. ArkAngel on

    Adam Gee and Adam Gee, do tell us more…

  8. ArkAngel on

    @Louise: Guess you didn’t know I’m also a Master of Disguise.

    Top prize in that Google Images search has got to go to (which is, weirdly enough, linked to this self-same Adam Gee)

  9. Adam Gee on

    i dnt av as muc interestin life as these adam gees, im jus a student in leeds!! n found out this through facebook!! but im still an adam gee, the legend of a name tht is!!!

  10. ArkAngel on

    Interesting to see that Nick Dougherty (mentioned above) is tying with Tiger Woods this morning at the US Masters in Georgia – a good sign for Adam Gee

  11. practical psychologist on

    So are you a gay golfer? Gee, Adam Gee.

    I have the same problem. I cannot work out how a scottish dentist called douglas miller manages to come first on a google search ahead of the world’s leading writer on personal development who is also keeping the UN afloat single-handed.

    We live in interesting times.

    PS – I think golfer AG has the yips.

  12. ArkAngel on


  13. practical psychologist on

    The yips are golf’s answer to ‘dartitis’. It happens when you are putting and the tension of the moment makes you uncontrollably ‘clam up’ as you address the ball. Golfer Bernhard Langer used to get it often – remember that little piece in ‘The Best’? A very good example.

    That all round sporting legend Eric Bristow (or ‘Brissie’ to his friends) used to get the same thing when he threw darts. It finished him as a player.

  14. Adam M. Gee, Esq. on

    I am the real Adam Gee, thank you! And it’s “local (not small town) lawyers, big city results”. Battling for google supremacy is what everyone does nowadays. At least I am the only one on this side of the pond engaged in the battle.

    You forgot to mention my blog (, which doesn’t stack up very well in the google rankings compared to yours. I will have to try harder.

    Damn that Mr. Gay UK!!!!!

    Adam M. Gee

  15. ArkAngel on

    Delighted to make your acquaintance, Adam M. I got the “small town” from your site at – top of the page: “Small town lawyers, Big city results!!” Enjoyed your blog – never knew puffed rice cereals could be so hazardous! I’m going to be much more cautious at breakfast from now on – and if I have any problems I know who I’m gonna call!

  16. adamdorrell on

    Yes. I hit before coming here and reading the warning. I was a little alarmed that it might actually be you – that’s a strange sensation – a looming dread that you might be serious, working out if the trippy stuff might have come from you – I have to say I thought it might be an elaborate flash based joke… You’ll be relieved to find out I had concluded it was the FakeAdamGee.

    regards Adam Dee

  17. ArkAngel on

    Maybe I’ll be capable of creating the likes of after my trip to Amsterdam. We’re going to be just down the canal from you.

  18. Adam Gee on

    Just noticed adam gee, that we also share the same birthday….same name, same birthday, a coincidence or just slightly freaky?!

  19. ArkAngel on

    Have we ever been seen in the same room at the same time? Well maybe that’s why…

  20. josh micle on

    Adem gee are you a gay golfer? or not?

  21. ArkAngel on

    We are a gay golfer attorney

  22. ArkAngel on

    Adam Golfer Gee deserves some prominence right now it seems – he hit an Albatros (3 under par, one better than an Eagle, a rare bird indeed):

    “[Fred Olsen Challenge de España] England’s Adam Gee also hit the headlines on the opening day, recording the first albatross of the 2009 Challenge Tour season on the seventh hole. Gee said: “I hit an 18 degree rescue club from 230 yards, and the next thing I knew, it’d gone in! I never thought I would hole it, particularly as I was two over par at the time and playing badly – so it made my round look a bit better than it actually was!””

  23. practicalpsychologist on

    Arkangel – can you tell me what ‘an 18 degree rescue club’ is? In my day it was irons and woods.

  24. practicalpsychologist on

    I just knew you would know the answer.

  25. ArkAngel on

    Congratulations to Adam M. Gee, my personal injury and malpractice attorney counterpart in New York, on landing the gig at Solo Practice University™. He will teach a course about handling motorcycle cases.

    (BTW What’s with the ™ on a university/academic institution? A far cry from the good ol’ days of being smoked at by an ancient don beside an open fire [see Stephen Leacock…])

    “From this and other evidence I gather that what an Oxford tutor does is to get a little group of students together and smoke at them. Men who have been systematically smoked at for four years turn into ripe scholars. If anybody doubts this, let him go to Oxford and he can see the thing actually in operation. A well-smoked man speaks, and writes English with a grace that can be acquired in no other way.”

  26. Adam Gee on

    Google results are biased toward your geographic location at the time of googling – in the states, I come up number 3 and 10. The hippy clothes designer is still number one. Thankfully, Mr. Gay UK has slid back to the second page.

    I hate to admit it, but you have the other 7 positions. Guess I need to stop using my middle initial.

    • ArkAngel on

      Since I have the opportunity for a geographic experiment, let me report that you come in No. 6 here in Jerusalem under Ziff Law. This blog beats Wikipedia to top slot with the hippy hanging in irritatingly at #3. Mr Gay UK and his white briefs retain a foothold in the images strip. An 18 year old has entered the fray on his MySpace charger, based somewhere called Orebro Ian, SE. The golfer dominates the pics (which I do my best to steer clear of by spreading and encouraging misinformation) and he occupies the #9 slot. When you’re next in London or I’m next in New York we should put name to faces.

  27. dreamcode on

    I like the way you write.

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