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Jason Isaacs actor The Patriot


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  1. theresa on

    he is so hot i love him

  2. Laragh on

    He is such a powerful actor, fantastic in The Curse of Steptoe and in Good. I was amazed not to have seen more of him in major roles.
    Not just a grest face!

  3. anjum on

    i love his acting his expression in film patriot and as the lusios molfoy in harry potter. i become his big admiree and fan after the film the patriot.

  4. anjum on

    i want to see more and more film of him and also want to see him in negative role.

  5. Rob Tolchard on

    He was pretty bloody negative in The Patriot!

  6. Ali on

    Id love to meet u,i find u incredibly sexy, mayb have a movie with alot a shirt off time.

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