News from the Woolwich Wanderers


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  1. James Cherkoff on

    Mmmm, should I congratulate or commiserate with you?

  2. ArkAngel on

    I knew the Arsebloggers would appear eventually!

    The answer is, you should allow me a brief moment of football-related joy – it doesn’t happen often… Last one was probably:

  3. James Cherkoff on

    Congrats. Well deserved. Grrrr…

  4. ArkAngel on

    That’s a magnanimity you rarely see in football, for which thanks – with that in mind, I think I’ll make the effort to come to your stadium soon (albeit to see Bruce Springsteen – still, it will be interesting to see some charisma in there) 😉

  5. James Cherkoff on

    Good luck on Saturday. Go on you Spurs!! 🙂

  6. ArkAngel on

    I’m sure the boys will do their best for you. Manchester, so much to answer for…

  7. ArkAngel on

    There you go, JC – not the full monty but a step in the right direction…

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