A Minute’s Silence for Marcel Marceau

Marcel Marceau




He was inspired to act after seeing Charlie Chaplin.

He was born in Strasbourg. His father was killed in Auschwitz.

He spoke about Chaplin in Richard Schickel’s 2003 documentary:

Charlie: The Life and Art of Charles Chaplin

22.iii.1923 – 22.ix.2007


Photo © Estate of Yousuf Karsh

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  1. practicalpsychologist on

    A strange thing about Marcel Marceau. I spoke about him to a few people just after I read the obituary. Every one of us assumed he had been dead for 20-30 years! Our ignorance I suppose but are the missing years hiding a great story? I bet they are.

  2. ArkAngel on

    That’s the thing about quiet people – so easily overlooked…

  3. […] in short hand is Bobby McFerrin meets Kate Bush with a bit of Swingle Singers, Marcel Marceau and Beardyman thrown in for a good measure of machine-free madness. So all voices and body beats […]

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