Out, out, brief candle!

Private Schultz

Blimey, they don’t half move fast on IMDB putting in your Death Date – Ian Richardson’s is already in there even though he only passed on today. I always found him an immensely attractive actor, above all for his dry, sardonic attitude, with that long, aquiline nose to look down. Never better than in the wonderful ‘Private Schultz’ in which he played multiple roles lead by Major Neuheim. He was also superb as Anthony Blunt – I cannot go into Kenwood House (home of the Iveagh Bequest collection of paintings of which Blunt was curator) without thinking of him. Seems like he also played Frederick Fairlie twice in ‘The Woman in White’ which I’ve just finished reading – Ollie Doward at work just happened (!) to have a VHS of the 1997 BBC version on his desk and kindly gave it to me – I’ll watch it this weekend by way of tribute.

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