I really love this picture in todays’ Sun from this week’s Ryder Cup in Ireland – it’s not that often in celebrity life that you see genuine emotion and warmth. Darren Clarke and Tiger Woods are golf circuit friends and this is the moment Clarke wins the Ryder Cup – below is the moment they first meet following the death from breast cancer of Clarke’s wife, Heather.

Clarke and Woods 2

I made a 4-minute documentary recently on Channel 4’s FourDocs exploring the notion of human warmth, community and connection called Spark.


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  1. practicalpsychologist on

    …and perhaps an image the world needs to be reminded of given his current troubles.

  2. ArkAngel on

    Indeed, now he needs the (manly) cuddles (he’s had plenty of the other kind).

    …which reminds me, I must put ‘Spark’ back online now 4Docs has “evolved” (to quote Nick/William Hurt in The Big Chill – “So what have you evolved into now?”)

  3. practicalpsychologist on

    You may well be wondering how I found this on your blog (‘… hasn’t Doug got anything better to do…’ etc.). The reason is that I am about to restart mine and I thought I would take a look where you began. Serendipity that it should feature the tiger.

    I have been catalysed by the number of responses I have been getting to my Mark Higson blog in 2007, mostly contacting me via facebook. I searched my name combined with Mark and it seems that a number of bloggers have pasted my blog together with a recent John Pilger one on the same subject! Great company.

    I will be restarting under a different name and will let you know when but I guess it will restart with a re-posted/further thoughts blog on Mark Higson

  4. ArkAngel on

    You & Pilger – a formidable pairing. Look forward to reading Higson Revisited and whatever follows…

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